Collaborative Doctoral Programme of the FHV


The FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences - offers a doctoral program together with cooperating partner universities, including the University of Innsbruck and the University of Agder in Norway.

With the FHV's Cooperative Doctoral Programme, you will benefit from cross-university and international collaboration between research and academic teams.

The core competence of the graduates is to

  • to write scientific papers that meet the international standards of peer-reviewed publications,
  • apply subject-relevant research methods and theories.
  • as well as to discuss findings from the relevant specialties and to present them to academic audiences as well as to interested laypersons.

Generally, the doctoral program qualifies for the profession as a scientist in scientific and research-related fields of work at universities and at research institutions or in corresponding areas of responsibility in organizations and companies.

Who can participate in the Cooperative Doctoral Programme?


The Cooperative Doctoral Programme at the FHV was originally introduced for project staff and research associates of the research institutions of the FHV. It is also open to graduates of master's and diploma degree programmes and to all FHV employees (not only in the academic field) who are pursuing a doctoral degree as part of their continuing education.

Since 2020, the FHV's Cooperative Doctoral Programme has also been open to doctoral students outside our University of Applied Sciences who wish to take advantage of on-site support in Vorarlberg - provided that their topics can be covered by the FHV in terms of content. This is especially advantageous for working students who have their place of residence or work in the vicinity of the FHV.

Currently, the content focus for a possible support by our FHV is mainly in the area of technical studies.

What are the opportunities within the Cooperative Doctoral Programme at the FHV?

Co-supervision and infrastructure

You can use the knowledge of our scientific staff in the FHV research facilities for your co-supervision, combined with free access to our entire FHV infrastructure (laboratories, software, library, etc.).

At the FHV, we have scientific personnel doing research and teaching who have already been and will be admitted by various universities for co-supervision of dissertations.

Most of them work in the environment of one of our research centres. Co-supervision is possible if your dissertation topic falls within the area of competence of one of our supervisors.



We offer you the opportunity to complete a portion of the prescribed courses at the FHV location as part of your doctoral studies and in coordination with your university.

The range of courses offered in the FHV's Cooperative Doctoral Programme takes into account both interdisciplinary key competencies and scientific fundamentals as well as subject-specific and core competencies in the dissertation topic.

The actual creditable selection of courses will be coordinated with the partner university in the respective dissertation case.


Prof. (FH) Dipl. Psych. Dr. Tanja EISELEN
FH Rector and Head of the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg