Announcement of subsidies childcare costs


The cost of education - direct and indirect - is often the cause of ineligibility for training programs.

The external association SOROPTIMIST INTERNATIONAL - Club Dornbirn awards subsidies for childcare costs under certain conditions.

This funding provides financial support to parents and especially single parents who would not be able to complete their studies without professional childcare.


Prerequisites for eligible persons:

  • Studying at the FHV
  • Residence in Vorarlberg
  • Legal obligation to care for and raise at least one child.
  • Austrian citizenship or citizenship of a member state of the European Economic Area as well as foreigners with equal status

Applications and documents:

  • Completed and signed application form
  • Statement of reasons for the request (presentation of personal situation)
  • Confirmation of the granting of student aid or the self-employed scholarship by the student aid authority or proof of income
  • Proof of the costs of the childcare place in the childcare "Zwergengarten Kica" or a Vorarlberg childminder
  • Birth certificate of the child (copy)
  • Proof of normal residence in Vorarlberg (registration form of the municipality)

The support can be applied for the childcare costs and / or meal contributions at the childcare facility.

Procedure, application deadline and contact.

The decision about the support is made by the participating institutions. This decision takes into account, above all, the personal and financial situation of the legal guardians.

The amount of the grant is based on the number of approved applications and the available financial resources.

Each support is for one year, there is no right to support in the following year/s. The support is transferred directly to the Association of Vorarlberg Childminders and credited monthly.

If the requirements cease to apply, the grants will be discontinued. The legal process is excluded.

The application deadline is June 15. Feedback on the application will be provided mid-July.


Please send the application including enclosures by mail or e-mail to:

Soropimist Club Dornbirn
c/o FH Vorarlberg
Mag. Fabian A. Rebitzer
Staff Office Diversity
University Street 1e
6850 Dornbirn

+43 5572 792 5307