Admission requirements for a doctoral program


To be eligible for services from the Cooperative Doctoral Program at the FHV, students must meet the following qualifications:

  • Accomplished diploma or master's degree program that qualifies you for advanced doctoral study and
  • Enrollment in a doctoral program at a recognised university.

Admission acceptance to the Cooperative Doctoral Program at the FHV is granted by the academic director on the basis of the following criteria:

  • At least one supervisor at the university can be proven by the application
  • an exposé accepted by the supervisors at the partner university is available,
  • the agreement reached with the partner university on courses to be completed at the FHV is available,
  • in case of co-supervision on the part of the FHV, the consent of the co-supervisor(s) is available,
  • ev. secrecy and usage rights have been clarified between the persons, universities and companies involved,
  • the training contract with the FHV has been signed,
  • the implementation of the agreed services can be organized on the part of the FHV according to the current state of knowledge (e.g. clarification in case of shortfall in the minimum number of participants).

In individual cases, the listed criteria can be extended and adapted by additional requirements or agreements with the partner university justified.

The required documents, fact sheets as well as forms are available on the website of the respective partner university if necessary. The admission deadlines of the respective partner university must be observed.

What are the fees for the Cooperative Doctoral Program at the FHV?


The fees incurred for participation in the Cooperative Doctoral Program pursuant to FHG §9 are based on the scope of the services used in each case. To get an idea of the possible orders of magnitude, here is a case example:

  • If, for example, for your doctoral studies you exclusively complete creditable courses in the amount of 12 ECTS at the FHV, the fees to be paid currently amount to 6,980 EUR.
  • If you exclusively take up a co-supervision for the duration of three years (6 semesters), the fees charged for this amount to 9,980 EUR.
  • For the total package (creditable courses in the amount of 12 ECTS and a three-year co-supervision) a total of 15,980 EUR is charged.

Changes reserved - more detailed information for your individual requirements, we will gladly give you at the following contact address.

If you claim benefits from the Cooperative Doctoral Program, you will - parallel to enrollment at your university - also be enrolled at the FHV according to the FHG as "non-degree seeking students". This is also a requirement for proper access to our infrastructure (laboratories, IT infrastructure, library, etc.).