Preparation Additional Exam


This is the ideal way to prepare


Important: No matter which preparation option you choose, always confirm subject relevance first. To do so, fill out our online form.



Are you consistent and pulling this off on your own? You can find all the information about study materials and practice examples at exam-content.



Course of study qualification in Schloss Hofen


Want to prepare yourself intensively and purposefully? The study qualification course at the Schloss Hofen continuing education center lasts four months. With lecturers of the FHV you prepare very specifically for the booked learning fields.

You can find more information on the study qualification course directly at Schloss Hofen. Please note that the application deadline for the course is always the end of December

For non-engineers, Schloss Hofen offers a Math 1 Crash Course in June.


Distance Learning Center

A longer preparation time is important to you? Then the Center for Distance Learning in Bregenz is the right place for you. The preparation courses usually start in the fall and last just under a year. The additional exams are not taken at the FHV, but at the Center for Distance Learning.