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Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design (BA)

Full-time study, 6 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Professional practical training between 4th and 5th semester

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Application and Admission

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We look forward to receiving your application! Don't hesitate to contact us at any time with questions about your admission to the program or the application process.

The following documents are required for your complete online application:

  • Cover letter
  • Curriculum vitae in tabular format
  • Certificates
  • Proof of relevant work experience
  • Passport or identity card
  • Current portrait photo

Please check our application period here

Important for third countries (non-EU/non-EEA, exception: Switzerland):

As an applicant from a third country (non-EU or non-EEA), the 1 March is the application deadline for you. The reason for this is that it sometimes takes longer until international documents can be checked or lead times are necessary for the application of a visa or a residence permit.



Admission procedure

Once your application has been received and examined, you will receive an email about the admission procedure.

1.  Standardized on-site ranking test (40%)
2. Results of a face-to-face structured interview (40%) - on-site or virtual
3. Presentation of preparation for study (20%)


Tip: Prepare for the interview

The following questions await you:

  • Why do you want to study? Why have you decided to study (design) at the FHV?
  • What do you expect from studying? What do you know about the process of InterMedia studies?
  • What topics, independent of Design, are you interested in?
  • Why are you interested in Design and what do you understand by it?
  • Can you explain by example, what constitutes a successful design?

Explanation of the preparation for the study:

  • How did you prepare for the study?
  • Can you prove the preparation with your own work?

Consideration will be given to:

  • Subject-specific prior knowledge/experience
  • Aptitude requirements and professional experience (such as relevant oriented high school diploma, a professional period of time such as apprenticeship, work placement, job, or personal creative interest)
  • Own work you necessarily present at the interview