Thinking ahead with Contextual Studies


The Contextual Studies at the FHV is a flexible part of your master's degree programme and a special feature among Austria's universities of applied sciences. It allows you to pursue personal questions of interest, to work independently and explore new territory: in research, in other cultures or disciplines.


Master's degree programmes at our university of applied sciences are characterised by three elements:

1. Core Studies:
The compulsory fundamental subjects in core studies establish the specialist skills and support your professional competences.

2. Specialisation Studies:
In the chosen field of specialisation, you will enhance and specialise - depending on the degree programme - your professional access based on your interests and career goals.

3. Contextual Studies:
In a selection of more than 40 modules, you cross the boundaries between:

  •  disciplines and schools of thought (interdisciplinarity)
  •  cultures, languages and countries (internationality)
  •  current knowledge and the future (research and development)

Your degree programme takes you through all three basic elements. This process allows you to deepen and broaden your skills while letting you incorporate your personal interests in your programme of study.

Alumni in the Contextual Studies

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