Childcare on Campus -  Zwergengarten Kica



Loving and professional childcare.

Promoting a good balance between university and family is a stated goal for the FHV. To support students and employees with children, the FHV therefore offers the possibility of a locally very close childcare in cooperation with the "Zwergengarten Kica".

The sponsor of the Zwergengarten Kica is Kinderbetreuung Vorarlberg GmbH, which already successfully operates several Zwergengartens in Vorarlberg.

With its generous opening hours and versatile rooms, the snack and optional lunch offered, as well as a well thought-out and professional pedagogical concept, the Zwergengarten Kica offers a flexible and loving environment for children from six months to four years of age (for children who are three years old or younger as of the cut-off date of August 31 before the start of the new childcare year).

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