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Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Full-time study, 6 semesters

Internship abroad (optional)

Professional practical training in each semester

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Health Care and Nursing full-time


As a Health Care and Nurse expert, you will care for people of all ages and accompany them through a wide variety of life stages.

The bachelor's degree at the FHV provides you with a high quality, practical and science-based education for the wide range of career opportunities in health care.

In addition to professional qualifications, we place great emphasis on personality-building skills and a high practical component.

With the academic degree, you will also receive the professional authorization for the higher service in Health Care and Nursing.


The fields of activity in the healthcare sector are very diverse. New fields of activity are also constantly emerging.

  • Stationary: hospitals, retirement and nursing homes, hospices, rehabilitation clinics, spas and sanatoriums, assisted living communities

  • Partial inpatient: day and night clinics, day centers

  • Outpatient: Outpatient clinics, hospice services, palliative teams, mobile care and social care units, health and social centers, psychosocial services, primary care centers, nursing outpatient clinics and counseling centers

  • Other areas: Health promotion organizations, occupational and occupational health facilities, public health service, facilities for people with disabilities, Ombudsman Board, etc.

Other career opportunities with additional qualifications:

  • Nursing Expert

  • Practice instructor

  • specialized areas of activity, e.g., intensive care, anesthesia, operating room

  • Counseling people with care needs and their relatives

  • Children and adolescents care or psychiatric care

  • Aspiring ward manager or head of nursing

  • Health Care and Nursing lecturer (with appropriate advanced education)

  • Quality Manager

  • Project staff (e.g. international development cooperation)

  • Expert


Access to further studies

The academic degree "Bachelor of Science in Health Studies, BSc" also qualifies you for a master's degree at a university of applied sciences or university, or subsequently for doctoral studies.

This makes us innovative and you successful:


  • Nursing assessment: you collect physical parameters from patients and communicate the results in the team. We are the first university of applied sciences in Austria to integrate nursing assessment into the programme structure of a bachelor's degree.

  • Professional practical training and work placement: in work placements you apply your knowledge in practice. Practical training helps you to link and deepen theoretical and practically acquired knowledge.

  • Diversity in nursing: you deal with equality and diversity in nursing.

  • Simulation Games in "Public Health": You learn firsthand how a health care system is structured and what conclusions you can draw from it for your own actions.

  • International teaching and work placements: In selected courses in English you will deepen your knowledge of English. In the fifth semester you have the chance to do an internship abroad. Our International Office will support you with the organization. During International Week you decide on an exciting one-week project in an international context with foreign students, online or in practice.


Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Full-time study, 6 semesters

Internship abroad (optional)

Professional practical training in each semester

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Voices about the study


Mag. (FH) Birgit HOFER
Administration Bachelor‘s Degree Programme Health and Nursing
Administration Bachelor‘s Degree Programme Healthcare and Nursing
Dipl.-Päd. Diana BRODDA, DGKP
Programme Director Health Care and Nursing BSc, Head of Competence Area Health Care and Nursing

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