Is it possible to take the supplementary exams this year and start studying next year?
We definitely need an application for the degree programme, because supplementary examinations can only be taken by those who have a valid application status. If this is fulfilled, then it is also possible to take the ZPR. The additional exams do not lose their validity and can be credited at a later date. However, an application must be submitted again for the desired degree programme.

Do I have to pay the examination fees, even if I do not yet know whether I will receive a study place?
Yes! Without payment of the examination fees, participation in the additional examinations is not possible.

What happens if I receive a study place, but do not pass the additional exams?
All applicants who do not have the admission requirements at the time of acceptance are obliged, according to the training contract, to present to the administration by September 1 of the intended academic year, how the admission requirements will be met by October 31 at the latest (including examination date and institution). Otherwise, the study program cannot be started.

How can I prepare myself?
You can find an overview in examination preparation.

What is the difference between the university entrance qualification examination and the supplementary examinations?
The Studienberechtigungsprüfung entitles students to study a specific group of studies - for example, the Studienberechtigungsprüfung can be taken for studies in social sciences and economics.

The additional examinations entitle "only" to study a specific degree programme at the FHV.

Example: You would like to study Social Work. With a passed qualifying examination, you can apply to several UAS that accept this access and offer the Social Work degree program. By passing additional exams at the FHV, you can only apply to the FHV to study Social Work. In addition, you must take examinations in five subjects as part of the university entrance examination.

Is there financial support for students or people taking the additional exam?
There is the possibility to apply for study grants also for the preparation time of the additional exams. In this case, please contact the scholarship office Innsbruck. Subsequently, it is also possible to apply for study grants during your studies. There is also an overview of possible support offers on our website. In addition, additional examination candidates, insofar as they come from Vorarlberg, can also apply for the Vorarlberg education grant 

I found an examination date for a failed examination, but it would not be at the FHV? Will I get credit for it?
It is important that you discuss your alternative solution with the degree programme in advance and have the credit approved by the programme director.

In the case of the additional German examination, it is important to note that this is not a language level examination, but here the text production and text comprehension are in the foreground. Such examinations are not normally offered by traditional language institutes.

It may be that you have to take the additional exam in German as well as prove a German B2 level. That would be two different examinations.


You can find out which language certificates are recognised in German and English under specific admission requirements.

For examinations in math or physics it is even more difficult to find alternatives. Here actually only the Externistenprüfung offers itself.

Till when do I have to deregister from the examinations? What happens if I get sick at short notice?
You will receive a registration confirmation two weeks before the first examination in the examination cycle, in which the deregistration deadline will also be announced. If you deregister at short notice, in the event of illness (with a doctor's certificate), the exam will not be counted.

Till when are the exam results fixed?   
You will receive within about two weeks by mail a feedback, whether you have passed the examination or not? Likewise, there will then be the possibility of an examination inspection, this will be communicated in a timely manner.

Will I automatically be registered for the second date if I do not pass an examination on the first attempt?
Yes, you will automatically be penciled in for the retake date. You will then again receive a registration confirmation two weeks before the first exam date, in which a withdrawal deadline will be communicated. Please keep in mind that you will not be able to sit for the additional exams again until next year if you opt out. If you wish to do so, you will also need to reapply next year.