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  • Access to our FHV community job offers with current job offers and internships
  • Free access to the media stock of our library: books, magazines, DVDs, CDs
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*Interested alumni are all those alumni who do not or no longer pay the annual club fee EUR 20,00


As a club member* and as a student club member** you additionally enjoy the following benefits


  • Discounted or free participation in all alumni events including food and beverages (e.g. Alumni Day on June 15, 2023)
  • Discounts at social events (e.g. free ticket to the Dornbirn trade fairs com:bau, SCHAU! and Herbstmesse)
  • Free continuing education opportunities through topic-specific lectures and workshops
  • Special benefits and promotions (e.g. SKINFITu:bookVorarlberger LandestheaterÖAMTC Trial membership once)
  • The early bird... Sign up for our coveted Business Tours (e.g. Blum, Alpla, Hirschmann, illwerke-vkw, Meusburger, Hilti, Zumtobel, etc.)

* Club member: Alumni who pay an annual membership fee of at least EUR 20.00 per year or are in the free year immediately after completion of the first degree at the FHV.

** Student Club Member: Already during your first studies at the FHV you can be a student club member for free.

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If you are interested in becoming an Alumni Club member or student club member, feel free to send a message to Manuela Browne, email:!

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IBAN: AT61 2060 2000 0007 3726


Intensive anchoring and continuous exchange of information with the local Business and Management community is of particular concern to us. The establishment and maintenance of strategic cooperations is the basis for achieving this goal and should be profitable for all partners involved. The responsibility for the contents of the given links lies with the cooperation partners. The participation fee in our FHV Alumni events is free of charge for members of our cooperation partners


V-START - Competence Center for Entrepreneurship

Studies at a university of applied sciences, practical experience, development of ideas - and next the step into self-employment?

v-start Kompetenzzentrum für Unternehmensgründung GmbH is Vorarlberg's AplusB center (Academia plus Business) with the FHV and private and public organizations as shareholders and partners.

The focus of v-start is on start-up projects in connection with innovative products and services with growth potential. Target groups are students and graduates of universities and universities of applied sciences, researchers from public and private research institutions as well as spin-offs of existing companies. - So tailor-made designed for you as FHV alumni.
v-start supports those interested in founding a company before, during and also for a certain time after the company has been founded. V-start's services include Business Administration consulting, infrastructure services and financial support.

Contact v-start and present your idea or already your business plan (BP). We will help you with different services depending on your needs - from BP development to infrastructure and financial support services. V-start works closely with the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Since dynamic, active companies are in the interest of the public and our region, this program is supported by the federal and state governments. If certain admission criteria are met, we can offer our services to you free of charge.

We look forward to supporting you in your endeavor.


contact v-start

v-start competence center for business start-up GmbH
Rear Achmühlerstr. 1
6850 Dornbirn

Dr. Bernd Hilby
T +43 5572 552 5219



VTV - Vorarlberg Technical Association

The VTV is connecting
The more you know about the world, the better you understand it. Sometimes whole worlds lie between technical disciplines. That, too, is one of VTV's tasks. Not only to promote technical knowledge, but also to make connections to other technical fields of interest.
The VTV is inquisitive
Vorarlberg as a business location is full of interesting technical achievements. VTV is fertile ground for innovation. Every year, VTV organizes presentations and expert discussions on current technical issues in its series of events. This is supplemented by excursions to renowned companies.
The Vorarlberg Technical Association is open
Towards all interested parties. Regardless of the industry. Regardless of professional status and also graduates and students are always welcome in our ranks.


Contact VTV

Vorarlberg Technical Association
Weidachstrasse 10
6900 Bregenz

Verena Grötzner de Márquez,
T +43 5574 601-73749



VÖWA - Association of Austrian Business Academics

The platform for communication
The association sees itself as a nationwide, open and non-partisan platform of communication with the aim of being a place of encounter, for graduates of universities and university institutions as well as personalities with high responsibility in Business, Science and Society.

The unifying ideal basis is considered to be the profession-specific and life-shaping thinking and the practice-oriented activity.

Events on economic, social and cultural field
Mediation of contacts to enterprises and personalities of the economic life
Regular information of the members by the periodical "VÖWA-Wirtschaftskurier"
Economic consulting.


Contact VÖWA

Vorarlberg regional group



JWV - Young Business and Management Vorarlberg

One year free membership for FHV ALUMNI members

FHV ALUMNI members benefit from one year free membership to Junge Business and Management Vorarlbert (regular annual membership fee EUR 120.00)
Profit now!
When registering, please indicate the note "FHV ALUMNI".
Interesting offers, great conditions, attractive service offers, exciting spring events await you!
The Young Business and Management Vorarlberg (JWV) is a non-partisan, voluntary community of young entrepreneurs, founders and entrepreneurial young people.
In Vorarlberg, the JWV has over 400 members - across all industries.
Throughout Austria, Junge Business and Management has more than 33,000 members.


Contact JWV

Young Business and Management Vorarlberg
Wichnergasse 9
6800 Feldkirch
T +43 5522 305 269

Board of the Alumni Association