RUN European University 

Cross-border perspectives

The European University RUN aims to ensure the sustainable economic, social, cultural and environmental progress of the participating regions.

Students, researchers and academics receive sustainable, digital and inclusive competences to increase the competitiveness of their regions and reduce existing regional development disparities in the EU.

In addition to sustainability, inclusion and multiculturalism are key values.

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Together with six other universities FHV has founded this European University 2020.

The members* of the RUN-EU Alliance are dynamic higher education institutions with strong regional roots. At the same time, they have a proven track record and a high level of commitment to teaching and research.

The focus is on technical universities and colleges, polytechnic institutes and universities of applied sciences that have a common background in successful cooperation with industry and regional actors in teaching and research.

This European University was complemented by the project "RUN-EU PLUS" in 2021, which resulted from the same alliance. The "PLUS" stands for Professional Research Programmes for Business and Society. This project forms an integrated long-term strategy to strengthen and further develop cooperation between science and business in the field of research and innovation.

Studying without barriers

RUN-EU students experience a Europe-wide networked university campus. The network creates barrier-free mobility of students and teachers, scientific and administrative staff.

The designed interregional European Innovation Hubs will promote joint research activities with industry. In addition, student-centred and flexible European PhD degrees will be made possible.

RUN-EU Short Advanced Programmes (SAPs) enable students to learn in an intercultural context. The interdisciplinary learning units consist of online and face-to-face phases. Innovative pedagogical approaches are used in the implementation of SAPs.

Their thematic orientation is based on Future Skills and the core themes of this European University:

  • Future Industries
  • Sustainable Regional Development
  • Bioeconomy
  • Social Innovation


RUN-EU also offers exciting mobility programmes for researchers and staff, such as:

  • SAPs for Staff

  • Short Research Programmes

  • Pedagogical Development Programmes
  • Design Factory Bootcamps (further training for teachers)
  • working as coaches on SAPs.


"A 'European University' acts as a showcase for high quality teaching, research," innovation and also makes a valuable contribution to regional development."
Mag. Stefan Fitz-Rankl, CEO FHV-Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences

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