Recognition of credits through mobility and prior learning


Recognition of Credit Mobility

If you complete a semester abroad as part of your studies at the FHV, an individual learning agreement will be made for the credits you are required to take at the university abroad.

After the completion of your stay abroad - successfully completed study achievements - will be fully recognised academically on the basis of ECTS credits or a comparable system in accordance with the learning agreement reached. Your mobility period will also be documented accordingly in the Transcript of Records and in the Diploma Supplement.  


Recognition of previous study achievements

You already have specific experience and would like to receive credit for individual courses? If so, you will find the most important information below; you can then discuss further details individually with the programme director responsible for you.

When recognising previous academic achievements (formal, non-formal, informal), the principle of course-related recognition applies:

  • The recognition of prior learning must be requested by the student. The programme director decides whether the previously acquired knowledge corresponds to the requirement profile of the course to be enacted both in terms of content and scope.
  • When equivalence is determined, positively completed examinations are recognised. A knowledge check is not provided in these cases.
  • Special knowledge or experience from professional practice will be taken into account in the recognition of courses or professional practical training; this applies in particular to part-time organised degree programmes and parts of the degree programme.

Recognition must be requested from the programme director no later than 14 days after the start of the course to be recognised. To do this, you must provide evidence of equivalence of knowledge in terms of the requirement profile, scope and content of the corresponding course.