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Master of Arts in Social Sciences (MA)

Part-time studies, 4 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Contents of studies Social Work

Just right: theory and practice

The master's degree program lasts four semesters and is designed to be part-time. The learning content of the program is closely linked to the requirements and tasks of your daily professional work. Several courses focus on you and your specific work situation as well as that of your fellow students

The close connection between theory and practice is the foundation of this study program. You communicate intensively with your lecturers and often work in teams with other students. The mix of courses in presence, eLearning units, self-organized
learning, as well as group and project work learning as well as group and project work enables the successful combination of study and work. But of course it requires a high level of discipline on the part of the students, consistent
time management and motivation.

Aims of the master's degree in:

  • Expansion of current professional competencies in Social Work and in the chosen specialisation (Clinical Social Work and Social Space Work)
  • Leadership skills
  • Scientific competence

Your advantages:

  • Modern campus, top equipment
  • Lecturers from different fields of Social Work practice
  • Individual choice of subjects according to personal interests and goals through Contextual Studies
  • Recognized degree opens up new professional fields
  • Research projects from your professional environment
  • Small groups: high practical relevance, lively exchange in teams, intensive personal supervision
  • Block teaching, clear time frame, clear structure
  • Selected courses in English, international lecturers

Master of Arts in Social Sciences (MA)

Part-time studies, 4 semesters

Semester abroad (optional)

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees

Study programme structure



At the beginning of your studies, you decide to specialize in Clinical Social Work or Social Space Work.
These are composed as follows:

  • 34% advanced skills in Social Work
  • 22% Social Work
  • 19% research skills
  • 15% leadership competencies
  • 10% Contextual Studies

Learning content in detail

A part-time studies program is a special challenge!

Contact hours at the FHV, single days in online mode, self-organized learning at home as well as group and project work demand a high level of discipline, consistent time management and a lot of energy from you, but allow you to successfully combine learning and working.

The courses take place from Friday noon to Friday evening, Saturday all day and in the 1st semester Thursday evenings (online). Classroom sessions as part of Contextual Studies take place on Thursday evenings or in 2 block weeks per semester. During the two years you should plan about 15 vacation days per year for your studies. We recommend that you make appropriate preparations and arrangements with your professional and private environment before you start your studies and that you reduce your professional activities to 50-70% if possible.

Organizational measures support the studyability of the program and help you to achieve the learning goals. Exemplary are these:

  • Optimized schedule design with little idle time and variety in offerings. Certain weekends are free of instruction (Easter and Christmas)
  • Preview of contact hours and exam dates several months in advance
  • Exam dates if possible right after completion of a course to avoid compressed exam situations at the end of the semester
  • Small group sizes - this creates room for individual supervision when working on practice examples, case studies, and projects.
  • The availability of electronic media (scripts, eBooks, essays in subject databases) is very high and is constantly being expanded. In the study program, a high value is placed on face-to-face teaching in presence, alternating with virtual learning units.

The Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) supports you in your continuing education with funding measures. Information at:  (part-time education, educational leave)

Thinking ahead with Contextual Studies

The Contextual Studies at the FHV is a flexible part of your master's degree programme and a special feature among Austria's universities of applied sciences. It allows you to pursue personal questions of interest, to work independently and explore new territory: in research, in other cultures or disciplines.

Master's degree programmes at our university of applied sciences are characterised by three elements:

1. Core Studies:
The compulsory fundamental subjects in core studies establish the specialist skills and support your professional competences.

2. Specialisation Studies:
In the chosen field of specialisation, you will enhance and specialise - depending on the degree programme - your professional access based on your interests and career goals.

3. Contextual Studies:
In a selection of more than 40 courses, you cross the boundaries between:

  •  disciplines and schools of thought (interdisciplinarity)
  •  cultures, languages and countries (internationality)
  •  current knowledge and the future (research and development)

Your degree programme takes you through all three basic elements. This process allows you to deepen and broaden your skills while letting you incorporate your personal interests in your programme of study.