Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Markus PREISSINGER

Head of the Research, Head Josef Ressel Center for Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems

Mitarbeiterfoto von Preissinger Markus.  | © FHV

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What research topics are you currently working on?

My research topic for many years has been thermal energy systems – chillers, heat pumps, but also power plants based on renewable energies such as biomass or geothermal energy. Equipping these systems with intelligence is, for example, a current topic at the Josef Ressel Center for Intelligent Thermal Energy Systems, which I manage.

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What defines you personally as a scientist? What are your strengths?

I have always viewed science in a very broad way – away from the idea of ​​a person somewhere in a quiet room cracking a problem experimentally or simulatively. Science is communication and discussion, it thrives on asking questions and developing solutions, but it is also integrated into politics and economic development. I see my strength in the fact that I feel comfortable in all of these areas and can also communicate – there are better “pure” scientists than me.


What instrument (e.g. laboratory) is the FHV particularly proud of and what can it do?

The most important instrument in science is and remains people, the competence and motivation of the employees – and we have a lot of such “heads” at the FHV. Only in the second step are special measurement setups that are special. I am always proud of devices that are available on the market, but which we breathe additional life into through modifications or extensions. For example, when we only recognize things in our computer tomograph or in our scanning electron microscope because we have “tinkered” with something beforehand, then I walk across the campus with a smile.



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