Conditions of participation in selected courses for Short Term Students in Short Advanced Programmes


Legal basis: Federal Law on Degree Programmes at Fachhochschulen (University of Applied Sciences Act - FHG), Federal Law Gazette No 340/1993 in its present form and the accreditation notification of the Agency for Quality Assurance and Accreditation Austria and decisions of Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences Board as well as all other subject relevant laws and directives, each in the currently valid version.


Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences (FH Vorarlberg) offers Short Term Students as part of the RUN-EU-Project to participate in selected courses in University of Applied Sciences degree programmes (Short Advanced Programmes = SAP) under the below mentioned conditions.

By confirming the checkbox, the Student confirms that she/he has read, understands and fully accepts the conditions of participation in selected courses for Short Term Students in Short Advanced Programmes of RUN-EU.

For admission to the selected courses in Short Advanced Programmes, it is imperative, that the Short Term Student is enrolled at a partner university of FH Vorarlberg in the RUN-EU-Project and submits the required documents to FH Vorarlberg in due time.

Participation in the selected courses in Short Advanced Programmes is only permitted after the FH Vorarlberg has confirmed this. FH Vorarlberg reserves the right to reject Short Term-Students. There is no legal claim to admission as non-degree student to participate in selected courses in Short Advanced Programmes at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg degree programmes.

FH Vorarlberg also reserves the right to amend and add to the provisions of the conditions of participation and/or integral parts thereof in so far as such changes are justified and reasonable for students.

Details on the selected courses can be found in the course description and in the information sheet.
Upon fulfilment of the formal and technical requirement for admission, Short Term-Students can be allowed to participate in the above mentioned, selected courses of FH Vorarlberg degree programmes.
Some of the selected courses are conducted electronically by means of distance communication, while others take place as face-to-face courses.

Change in the provision of contractual services due to force majeure: if FH Vorarlberg is unable to fulfil the conditions of the Conditions of participation in Short Advanced Programmes in the agreed manner due to force majeure or for any other serious reason (currently the corona crisis), it is entitled to unilaterally change examination types and semester times, to postpone courses to other semesters and to take any other precautions or measures that are suitable for keeping the degree programme running as well as possible in the given circumstances; in so doing, it must be ensured that the measures are appropriate and reasonable for the students.
Force majeure or any other serious reason may already exist if FH Vorarlberg considers it appropriate to take corresponding precautions or measures due to its duty of care or as a result of recommendations made by the government or public authorities.

All Short Term-Students in Short Advanced Programmes have the right
- to participate in the selected courses in Short Advanced Programmes according to course description;
- to receive the Transcript of Records upon successful participation and/or;
- to be issued with written confirmation of the courses they have attended.

All Short Term-Students in Short Advanced Programmes are obliged
- to provide the necessary personal data, such as required in the online application;
- to use their own technical equipment that meets the technical requirements as defined by the lecturers (i.e. internet connection, virus protection, transmission speed)
- to keep the password of the distance communication-system confidential (ban on passing on this information to a third party);
- to adhere to the provisions of the conditions on participation, as amended, and the integral parts thereof. They are also required to adhere to the regulations, as amended, governing the use of teaching, research, Library and IT facilities and to follow the instructions of those responsible for these facilities;
- to immediately report accidents and any occupational diseases that occur during their studies (within three days);
- to report damage to FH Vorarlberg property;
- to adhere to the safety regulations and other applicable regulations of FH Vorarlberg and to follow the instructions of University personnel who are responsible for safety;
- to observe copyright regulations, relevant data-protection provisions and any other legal requirements;
- if required to pay the Austrian National Union of Students’ (ÖH) membership fee and any tuition fees for the registration for the continuation of studies by the required deadline;

Short Term-Students in Short Advanced Programmes are generally prohibited from recording instruction or parts thereof (e.g., using film, audio or any other audio-visual means).

In the case that within the framework of his/her studies at FH Vorarlberg an Short Term-Student uses FH Vorarlberg resources or participates in courses or FH Vorarlberg projects in which at least two persons are involved an the Short Term-Student acquires rights, in particular copyright (including co-authorship) and the right of exploitation, to his/her work or achievements (e.g. research work, concepts, designs, posters, apps, websites, texts, photographs, film and audio recordings etc.), he/she hereby unconditionally and irrevocably grants to FH Vorarlberg free of charge the exclusive right of exploitation of these works and achievements without any restrictions to time, territory and use – including all known and at present unknown types of use or media – for the duration of their legal protection under copyright.

The rights of exploitation also include the right to use such work in online networks, the right to translate it as well as to rework it, the right to copy it onto image and sound carriers and the right to keep it on image and sound carriers during transmission or for the purposes of transmission. The exploitation rights granted to FH Vorarlberg also include uses that are presently not foreseen as well as the unconditional right to rework students’ work and to exploit such reworking.

FH Vorarlberg is not obliged to attach a manufacturer’s or copyright notice. If this is possible without undue expense or labour a manufacturer’s or copyright notice shall be attached.

If not otherwise regulated by law, FH Vorarlberg is entitled – without the agreement of the Short Term-Student – to transfer the exploitation rights granted to it, wholly or parts thereof, to third parties as well as to grant the right of use and permission to use works or licences. Furthermore, FH Vorarlberg is entitled to undertake in its own name the necessary measures to protect the rights that it has been granted, as listed above against third parties and, in particular, to take actions both before or outside a court of law against infringement.

Generally, the student is not entitled to remuneration for granting the right of exploitation. If, however, FH Vorarlberg generates significant income from use of this right of exploitation, it will allow the Short Term-Student to participate appropriately in the earnings. If necessary, individual agreements will be concluded.

Information concerning the study, transmitted by e-mail or made available in the Campus Management System shall be deemed delivered.

The student organizes trips necessary for the SAP him/herself and carries them out at his/her own expense or with financial support from the EU.
Furthermore, the student undertakes to provide adequate insurance cover, namely health insurance, accident insurance and liability insurance.
The FH Vorarlberg does not assume any responsibility or liability in this regard.

Instructional, study and examination materials provided for the purposes of instruction, study and examinations remain the intellectual property of FH Vorarlberg, the respective author(s)
or the manufacturer(s) and are only made available to persons as part of their instruction, studies or examinations. As far as no other regulation can be inferred from the respective content of the instructional, study and examination materials, use that goes beyond the free right of use (for example, copies or other forms of reproduction for personal use, individual quotations from an already published piece of writing) is prohibited. Any use of any materials provided by FH Vorarlberg that is contrary to the provisions of the Austrian Copyright Act is not permitted without the express written consent of FH Vorarlberg or the author(s) or the manufacturer(s).

The participation ends when the Short Term-Student
- has successfully completed his/her studies as described in the course description of the selected courses in Short Advanced Programmes;
- withdraws in writing before completion of the selected courses;
- is given notice of termination by FH Vorarlberg because of special reasons for termination, i.e. inappropriate behaviour in such a manner as to discredit the reputation and standing of FH Vorarlberg

Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences assumes no liability for damage to electronic devices or applications resulting from or in connection with the use of technical systems, in particular remote communication systems.

If a course to be held under the auspices of FH Vorarlberg is cancelled or postponed due to sickness of the instructor(s), force majeure or any other unforeseeable circumstance, students have no right to the course being held.
In such cases, FH Vorarlberg – except in the case of proven intent or gross negligence – is not liable for the reimbursement of any costs that may incur, particularly transport and/or accommodation costs as well as compensation for loss of working time in the case of part-time students.

The Short Term-Student acknowledges that personal data and student photographs - collected during his/her studies in compliance with legal requirements and in conjunction with essential activities that form a part of the conditions of participation in selected courses – are electronically processed by FH Vorarlberg and, as such, are electronically transferred as required.