Insurance and Medical Facilities


Some things simply cannot be avoided – take precautions ahead of time!

Please note that FHV does not offer any insurance coverage or medical insurance schemes for its students.

Studierende auf einem Wanderweg die sich an den Händen halten um sicher einen Bach zu überqueren | © Travis Russ

You are responsible for your own adequate insurance coverage!

  • Ensure that you have adequate health and accident insurance coverage for the duration of your studies.
  • In addition, we  strongly recommend a liability insurance to protect against potential damage to property of others.
  • International students can find detailed information regarding insurances here.
    FHV recommends that international  students also obtain travel and repatriation insurance.
  • By paying the Austrian National Union of Students fee (ÖH), students are insured against certain types of damages through their membership in the ÖH. Details ÖH-Insurance.

FHV and its representatives and employees are not liable for any losses of a material nature, in particular loss and damage to personal property. This also applies to (personal) injury that takes place on university premises that is caused by a third party.

Who helps in case of illness?

In case of illness, Dornbirn has a number of general practitioners and specialists. The on-duty general practitioner (out-of-hours general practitioner service) in each health district is listed in the local daily newspapers and online.

Medication can only be purchased in pharmacies. Information about night and weekend opening hours can be found online, at the entrance to pharmacies or in the local daily newspapers.

The closest hospital is the hospital in the city of Dornbirn; the emergency ambulance is available 24-hours a day.

Emergency phone numbers in Austria

Ambulance 144
Police 133
Emergency number for fire brigade 122
Euro emergency number 112
Mountain rescue 140

Emergency number for pastoral care