Josef Ressel Centre for Robust Decision Making


With increasing digitization, large amounts of data are being collected and stored. However, deriving valuable information from this data and integrating it into decision making poses some challenges to companies. 

The Josef Ressel Centre (JRC) for Robust Decisions addresses these problems with tailored artificial intelligence approaches. In particular, the JRC develops robust machine learning and optimization approaches that reduce uncertainties in business processes and support stable, goal-oriented decisions. 

To this end, an interdisciplinary team of researchers explores solutions to real-world problems identified by our corporate partner in the manufacturing and financial sectors. The corporate partners are the automotive supplier Hirschmann Automotive, Hypo Vorarlberg Bank and the consulting companies proTASK Consulting and myPEX. 

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The JRC provides robust decision support for data-driven issues in manufacturing and finance. Among the use cases investigated are 

  • Process capability analysis for injection molding (IM) 

  • Planning robust production schedules 

  • Evaluating the impact of ESG indicators on company valuations

  • Further development of data-based plausible stress test simulations 

  • Design of robust risk models  

  • Determining appropriate robustness measures 

  • Development and analysis of algorithmic solution strategies 



  • Customized prototype solutions for real-world use cases 

  • Transfer of knowledge to corporate partners 

  • Contribution to basic research topics 

  • Scientific publications 

  • Dissertations in collaboration with international universities 



project name

Josef Ressel Center for Robust Decisions (RODEC)


Josef Ressel Center by Christian Doppler Gesellschaft (CDG) 

Topic Data-driven Optimization, Applied Machine Learning, Data Science
Project index number


Project duration 07/01/2021 - 06/30/2026 

Project budget

1,164,403.00 EUR 

ERDF 1,164,403.00 EUR


Dr.rer.nat. Michael HELLWIG
Head Josef Ressel Center for Robust Decisions, Senior Researcher