Creation of inclusion monitoring for the state of Vorarlberg

Background and objectives

The Department of Social Affairs and Integration of the State of Vorarlberg has commissioned the Empirical Social Sciences research group at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences to develop a concept for inclusion monitoring in Vorarlberg. The aim is to design an adequate set of key figures and indicators for monitoring the inclusion of people with disabilities in Vorarlberg and to apply the developed monitoring design to a specific cut-off date. This set of instruments should be designed to enable periodically repeated measurements. In this way, the progress of inclusion of people with disabilities in Vorarlberg should also be able to be presented on an ongoing basis.


Procedure and quality assurance

The first step is to draw up a list of potential key figures and indicators that can then be prioritized and selected for the final monitoring design. The concept to be developed is first reflected on in the steering group and the project advisory board. The project advisory board will accompany the progress of the project and contribute specialist expertise and experience on the topic of inclusion in Vorarlberg in advisory board meetings. In addition to representatives of the state from the Department of Social Affairs and Integration and the elementary education sector, the project advisory board will be supported by representatives of the Education Directorate, stakeholders and relatives. The monitoring concept to be developed will be coordinated with all relevant stakeholders during the course of the project as part of a validation workshop. This will give them the opportunity to contribute their constructive feedback on the set of key figures and indicators and participate in the development process even before the first measurement is implemented. This procedure also serves to ensure the quality of the developed tool.

The monitoring tool with its defined key figures and indicators will then be implemented for the first time in spring 2024.


Project name

Creation of an inclusion monitoring for the Province of Vorarlberg

Project team

Fabian A. Rebitzer, Sarah Kühne, Stefanie Neyer

Project duration September 2023 to July 2024

Land Vorarlberg