Partners the JRZ for Robust Decisions


Hirschmann Automotive GmbH

Hirschmann Automotive GmbH works to advance the automotive industry with a focus on contacting and connector systems, sensor technology, special cable assemblies and overmolding technology. Hirschmann products stand for reliability and performance under the most extreme conditions and in highly stressed areas of the vehicle. 

Hirschmann is interested in developing robust strategies for early detection of machine failures and integration of the results into production planning. For this purpose data sets of a fully automated production line for contacting and connector systems are provided. 

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proTASK Consulting GmbH

proTASK specializes in services related to the SAP environment, ranging from licensing, installation, development and implementation to training and support. As a broadly positioned service company, proTASK has a large data pool.

In the context of the research project, proTASK is primarily interested in the study of production planning processes. In the research project, proTASK will data sets from production planning processes. Based on provided datasets, different algorithmic approaches will be analyzed, which promise the generation of robust production plans. Furthermore, proTASK is interested in self-developed solutions based on the GAN framework.

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Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG

The core business of Hypo Vorarlberg Bank AG is strongly rooted in the state of Vorarlberg with the main business areas corporate banking, securities and domestic real estate. Earlier collaborations with the research centre business Informatics have already led to the development of several software packages that are currently in use in the day-to-day business of Hypo.

Hypo is interested in developing rating systems to identify potential credit risks. In addition to customer-related risks, the research project also focuses on sustainability issues. The models and algorithms being developed in this context are intended to provide insights ..

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myPEX is a management consultancy with services in the areas of banking and Controlling. It develops software solutions for risk measurement and management in investment funds.

The risk measurement of myPEX uses systematic stress tests, which are based on the systematic identification of plausible worst case scenarios. 
The aim of the research is to improve the robustness of the corresponding scenario simulations. To this end, it is intended Machine Learning to use techniques to detect and reduce input uncertainties. myPEX will provide the Josef Ressel Center with data on financial instruments exposed to different types of risks.

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