Climate change brings with it various social, technological, and Business and Management changes that must be addressed through new innovations and adaptations of existing systems. One  already noticeable change is the increased frequency of extreme weather events, such as heavy rain or severe storms. It is therefore necessary to develop measures to adapt to climate change in order to increase the safety of people and strengthen the resilience of infrastructure.

In the three-year project, research is being conducted in partnership with Vorarlberger Landes-Versicherung V.a.G. and EPZ - Elementarschaden Präventionszentrum on the effects of hail events. In particular, models are being developed to predict damage to building roofs, taking into account the characteristics of the roofs and of hail events. To achieve this, AI methods for image recognition are combined with statistical methods for risk modeling. The goal here is an individual assessment of buildings that can make a new contribution to preventive care for extreme weather events.

Hagelschäden am Dach | © AdobeStock_533283751
Roof hail damage @AdobeStock_533283751


Project name

Modeling vulnerabilities of hail events for buildings (short title: ModHagel)

Funding program/client:in 

FFG, Bridge Program

Project duration

36 months

Total project budget 

294,448 euros

Share FHV 

237,792 euros

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