Effect and development of community-based social psychiatric work of AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH: Integration - Inclusion - Rehabilitation


The aim of the research project was to holistically evaluate and develop the community-based social psychiatric rehabilitation services of the inpatient residential communities of the social enterprise AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH. Between February 2021 and April 2022, two scientific investigations were carried out by the research groups Empirical Social Sciences of the FHV. On the one hand, the focus was on the survey of the actual state of the quality of life, on the other hand, after the twelve-month participation in the offer was tested for differences in terms of improved quality of life. In addition, development options of the offer were worked out.

Before the official start of the project, the researchers of the FHV developed two validated social-psychiatric- and rehabilitation-specific survey instruments. These show on the one hand the view of the participants and on the other hand that of the Coach.

Bach mit fliessendem Wasser sowie einem Miniaturtonhaus und einer Miniaturtonperson | © Aqua Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH
Impression of a work that was created in the context of the research project. @Aqua Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH

The AQUA Life Inventory developed as part of the research project collects quantitative and qualitative data from both the participants' and the coaches' perspectives on the following dimensions:

  • Analysis of exchange and power relations
  • Survey of the satisfaction of needs
  • Problem and resource analysis
  • Planning and review of goal achievement
  • Future Sheet - Participants and Future Sheet - Case Management


The AQUA Life Quality Measure collects quantitative data from the participants' perspective on the dimensions:

  • Leisure
  • Personal experience and actions
  • Social relations
  • Housing
  • Physical health
  • Personal hygiene and care
  • Life and future perspectives
  • Self-image and image of others
  • Mental health
  • Dealing with mental disorder
  • Satisfaction and personal data


The report was submitted in May 2023, and the research includes best and good practices as well as recommendations for service development and over 1000 practice-oriented quantitative and qualitative statistics and evaluation results. These can be grouped into three dimensions:

  • Description of the actual state of participants' quality of life, measured on a scale of 1 to 7, where 7 would be the optimal state.
  • Effect analyses t1 on t2 in terms of quality of life improvement. That is, whether and to what extent the rehabilitation program has an effect on stabilizing the mental situation and increasing social and daily living skills.
  • Qualitative analyses (content analyses) on the future vision.


Another impact analysis report will follow in spring 2024 with two studies.


project name

Effect and development of community-based social psychiatric work: integration - inclusion - rehabilitation

Project team

(FH) Mag. Dr. Erika Geser-Engleitner; Ghassan Shleweet BA, MA; Angelika Kaufmann-Pauger, MA, MSc, MBA

Project duration

01.2022 - 07.2023

Customer AQUA Mühle Vorarlberg gGmbH