Formative Evaluation of the Project "Vocational Training Renewable Energy in Burkina" 


Since autumn 2018, the state of Vorarlberg has been funding a broad-based project on vocational training in the field of renewable energy in Burkina Faso. The Austrian Development Agency (Agency for Austrian Development Cooperation) is implementing this on site. "By creating jobs and training opportunities in the field of renewable energy, the project aims to provide young people in Burkina Faso with new prospects," emphasizes project manager Robert Moosbrugger. A central component of the innovative project is the development and anchoring of high-quality and practice-oriented specialized training in photovoltaics at four partner schools. The curricula and the teaching and training modules will be developed and certified in coordination with the school authorities. In parallel, the specialist teachers at the partner schools will receive further training, photovoltaic systems will be installed to supply the schools with electricity, and school development plans will be drawn up.

Discovery and development goals 

The FHV is conducting a formative evaluation of the project. The goal of this concurrent project evaluation is to obtain information on the performance of the project while it is still being implemented. "This enables real-time adjustment to optimize the project during its lifetime," explains Moosbrugger. As part of the evaluation, the FHV also researches the impact of development cooperation projects. In addition, with this partnership project, the FHV is pursuing a research interest in the social and societal aspects of the energy transition in the global South. 

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Focus group discussion with students in Burkina Faso as part of the formative evaluation of the project "Vocational Training Renewable Energy in Burkina". © FHV


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