Robots in elderly care 


FHV - Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences evaluates assistance robots for care  

In the Interreg project PUR (Care Assisting Robotics) the robot Lio of the company F&P Robotics AG was evaluated over a period of 22 months in living areas in two care facilities in Germany (Konstanz) and Switzerland (Schaffhausen)


The goal of the project was to find out if and which assistance functions prove themselves in practical use. The insights gained have highlighted numerous challenges, but also opportunities for the use of assistance robots in the care context, which are now being fed back to development and practice partners. 


The results were presented to the general public at a press conference in April 2022. The results report is available in an abridged version. In follow-up projects with companies from the industry and care managers, the wealth of experience gained can be built upon. 

Project partners

  • University of Konstanz 
  • Sankt Marienhaus of Caritas Konstanz 
  • Alterszentrum Emmersberg Schaffhausen 


Development Partners

  • F&P Robotics AG 



The project "Care Supporting Robot" is funded by the Interreg program "Alpenrhein-Bodensee-Hochrhein", whose resources are provided by the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Swiss Confederation.