#body_? - participatory research project



Bodypositivity in analog and digital lifeworlds of adolescents.

Banane schaut in den Spiegel.

Problem statement 

On Instagram, hashtags like #bikinibridge , #thighgap , #collarbonechallenge , #thinspiration  or #abcrack  propagate beauty ideals that are problematic in terms of health aspects. Beauty ideals are staged that propagate, among other things, very lean or extremely athletic body images - beauty ideals that have little to do with healthy exercise and eating behavior. For example, the "ab crack" is only visible from a maximum body fat percentage of 12% (in normal-weight women, however, the fat percentage is between 18 and 20%). Of particular concern is that these Instagram trends often purport to promote a healthy lifestyle, when in fact they incite the opposite ('disease').

The constant comparison to images promoted on social media can have negative consequences. The "beautiful" appearance of Influencer*innen and Co. is taken as face value. It is "embellished" and "beauty filters" are used. Especially on Instagram, this tendency is reinforced with built-in image editing. This constant comparison between the digital and analog worlds can lead to emotional conflicts.



The aim of the project is to support adolescents and young adults in strengthening or developing a positive (body) self-image

Through methods of information transfer to individual preparation, adolescents and young adults are enabled to generate a positive outward (opportunities and possibilities) and inward (self-perception, positive self-image) view in a resource-oriented manner.

The participatory process between primary and secondary target groups also enables the development of a sustainable project, which has an impact on an individual as well as social level and opens up communication processes. 

Project Management

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project name #body_? From Positivity to Neutrality to Self-Determination - Concepts of Body and Health in Adolescents' Analog and Digital Lifeworlds

Fonds Gesundes Österreich (FGÖ): Health promotion projects to strengthen the psychosocial health of children, adolescents and young adults

Call topic 2: Projects to promote a positive (body) self-image and reduce weight stigma

Project duration 01/01/2022 - 31/12/2023
Project budget total 151,334.00 EUR
Share FHV 26,400.00 EUR