Interactive museum exhibits


For domestic museums with a large number of visitors of different ages, a series of interactive educational exhibits with a museum pedagogical focus are being developed for exhibitions open to the public.

The aim is to enable natural interaction between museum visitors and the exhibition objects with the help of integrated sensors and actuators as well as an intelligent automatic control system. Furthermore, 3D graphic animations are being developed that can be controlled by means of alternative input technologies. Humans should be as unaware as possible of the Engineering and Technology in the background, they should simply be able to satisfy their need for information and this should be as barrier-free as possible. In the course of using the interactive museum exhibit, the media usage of museum visitors will be researched and conclusions will be drawn for the influence of different human-engineering interaction on the formation of opinions.


Project name Interactive museum exhibits
Contract amount to date FHV 187,515 EUR
Time period 2013 - (continuous)