IENE 10: Transnational Project Meeting


The IENE 10 project partners met at the FHV in Dornbirn in May 2022 for a transnational meeting. Participants from Great Britain, Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Austria took the opportunity to exchange ideas and produce MOOC videos.

The researchers involved in the IENE project. ©FHV

In the project IENE 10 (Intercultural Education for Nurses in Europe), project partners from Great Britain, Cyprus, Italy, Romania and Austria are developing a European curriculum and corresponding learning materials on the topic of "Transcultural Robotic Nursing" (TRN). The target group is health and social care workers and educators who are increasingly confronted with the use of robotic nurses. The discussions about Pepper, the seal with the googly eyes, Alice and many other robots or robot-like figures focus on expanding knowledge, breaking down prejudices and pointing out new solutions. Starting in September, an exciting and virtually interactive program will be available to students of the partner institutions and those interested in nursing practice. More information and the opportunity to pre-register is already available at  

In May 2022, the project partners:inside met in Dornbirn. The aim of the transnational two-day project meeting was to update all stakeholders on the activities of all partner organizations. Introductory videos were produced for the individual modules of the MOOC, in which the future participants get to know the partners involved in the project as well as the contents of the respective module. The MOOC platform is currently being finalized and the application for the course is in full swing.