Service offerings


The research centres and groups of the FHV have a variety of highly specialized equipment and infrastructure, which can be used in cooperation with partners from Business and Management. Please contact the responsible experts on the subpages of the available infrastructure.

Material coating

For more than a decade, material coating has been an essential core competence at the FHV. Dry etching by means of Deep Reactive Ion Etching (DRIE) in particular, as well as coating by means of Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD), are important pillars of our research and development work.

Material characterization

Material characterization at the micro and nano level is performed at the FHV using a wide range of high-performance instruments. The portfolio here includes scanning electron microscopy (SEM), correlative Raman and atomic force microscopy, and µ-tomography. 

Laser processing

The fabrication and transfer of microstructures are among the most important tasks in applied research and industrial development. By means of optical lithography and laser micromachining, we enable mechanical fine machining and are continuously opening up new manufacturing fields in the micro area.

Environmental simulations

The aging of components plays an important role in sustainable product development. In our specially equipped ovens, climatic chambers and our temperature shocker, we cover a wide range of temperature and humidity ranges and enable rapid lifetime testing (Accelerated Lifetime Testing)

XR/UX Innovation Lab

The visualization of individual process steps, entire production lines or even the use of VR-based learning environments is playing an increasingly important role, not only in industry. If these systems are also combined with modern measurement systems of psycho-physiological indicators on humans, the result is our holistic VR/UX innovation lab.