Design Lab of the FHV


Design is a lot of brainwork - but it's more fun with the right Engineering and Technology at hand!

Specialty rooms equipped to a high standard allow you to work on your projects to the best of your ability as you study Design:

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Analog workshop

In the analog workshop, students have access to materials in the area of drawing and sketching (e.g., drawing paper, tracing paper, watercolor paper, gray board, cardboard, canvas...) with a wide variety of techniques (e.g., pencil, graphite, charcoal, chalk, ink, ink, watercolor...). Students can experiment here with the themes of writing, form, color, grid and language and use both the spatiality and the material for a wide variety of projects in their studies.

Exploring language, formulating texts for different media channels, storytelling, and creative writing, is also part of this.

Studierende im Gestaltungslabor der FHV | © Patricia Keckeis Zeughaus Design-

Digital Workshop

In this workshop, students explore the topics of type, form, color, and halftone. Background knowledge about type such as type history, systems of measurement, legibility, types of typesetting, and proofreading marks are essential content. From point to surface is relevant in the topic of form. Color looks at the digital and analog aspect of color. Associative, emotional, factual and rational work is done with color. Raster looks at what a raster actually is, where it can be used, and how to create one.

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photo workshop

Photography is more than just pressing the shutter button on your iPhone. It is a highly creative medium that opens up the possibility to stage, document or put into perspective, among other things. In this workshop, craft basics such as time & aperture are taught as well as the technical aspects of studio photography and photography as a means of expressing feelings and moods.

Interaction Design Lab

In order to be able to interactively operate a software interface, website or device, an interface is needed. To build such an interface, i.e. to program it, we need tools and have to master them. This workshop offers an introduction to programming for designers and builds bridges between Design and Engineering and Technology.

In addition, working prototypes are designed and built here. Milling and grinding machines, soldering stations, 3-printers, and lasers help.

For insights into projects created in the Interaction Design Lab, visit our YouTube channel: Interaction Design Lab FHV

Mac Pool

The Mac rooms and AV Lab are equipped with specialized software for the design field.

Text Workshop

Just as you learn to handle shapes, colors or fonts professionally in the InterMedia course, you learn to "play" with words professionally in the text workshop. Methods of creative writing or reflective writing will also be introduced and tried out.

sound workshop

Basic knowledge of sound design and sound technology to work auditively on your own study project or free projects are the focus of the sound workshop. From sound recording in a studio environment to experimenting with musical instruments (drums, guitars, bass, synthesizers), everything is possible.

Sound Workshop - Projects from the summer semester 2018

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