Department of Design

"No longer as a subject of objects, but as a project for objects, man begins to understand himself. He primarily no longer represents the world as given to him, but rather as designed by him, and himself no longer as subject to the given, but designing himself."
-Vilém Flusser, 1995


The Department of Design is concerned with the role of design with respect to the interaction of people, planet, and technology.

Design, as we understand it, is embedded in various systems - is related to society and the environment. Design of objects, processes, relationships and situations aims at opening up options for thought and action and makes possibilities perceptible.

Every detail is also a determining aspect of a superordinate context.

Design therefore always means cooperation with others.

The Department of Design is responsible for the InterMedia degree programmes, deals with design research and ensures the transfer of knowledge to society, Business and Management by means of lectures and symposia.