Department of Business and Management


The Department of Business and Management is an organizational unit and center of excellence of the FHV.

The responsibilities of the department include

  • the teaching of the Business Administration degree programmes,
  • the cooperation with companies in the region,
  • the transfer of technical, social and methodological skills to the region,
  • the application-related further development of Business Administration knowledge

The university lecturer of the department teach overlapping competencies also in other degree programmes, especially in the field of methodological and social competencies.

Publications of the Department of Business and Management

An overview and - if available - also the possibility to download the publications of the Department of Business and Management is provided by the library's repository: Opus (Online Publication Server of the FHV)


Collaboration with the companies of the region


Business Administration students and lecturers alike are involved in the region's businesses in a variety of ways

With numerous companies, we have successfully implemented projects in the project workshop, worked on specialisations of companies in bachelor's or master's theses or are on site during company visits in courses.

Namable companies in the region support the further development of Business Administration through their active role in the Advisory Board for Business and Management, in development teams for degree program development, through participation in focus groups, discussion panels, and much more.

As a university of applied sciences, we are especially committed to working with businesses and providing our students with hands-on training for businesses in the region. Our students "understand what makes a company tick."



Colleagues in the Department of Business and Management are engaged in transferring knowledge and experience in a variety of ways

In addition to a commitment to continuing education, this includes part-time consulting activities.

Major areas of activity include:

  • Coaching & Mediation,
  • Simulation & Gaming,
  • Accompaniment of participatory development processes,
  • Accompaniment of change processes,
  • Questions of market research,
  • Coaching in the development of business ideas according to the lean startup method,
  • Lectures, for example, on digital transformation, business start-up,
  • Design of reflective communications,
  • common decision-making,
  • and much more


Further development of Business Administration knowledge


Colleagues in the department are sometimes involved in research projects and are authors of various publications.

This includes textbooks, contributions to textbooks and textbooks, articles in journals or contributions to international conferences.

Won insights often flow directly into the instruction. Projects are also repeatedly carried out jointly with colleagues at the FHV's research centres.

A particularly intensive connection exists with the Business Informatics Research Centre.

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