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Alumni interview: 5 questions for Caroline Hofer

After completing her bachelor's degree in InterMedia at the FHV, Caroline Hofer started her career in the world of Marketing and Design.
Name: Caroline Hofer
Beruf, Unternehmen: Head of Marketing, Communication & Branding
The prosperity company AG in Liechtenstein
Studium (Abschluss): Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Design, 2015
Master Betriebswirtschaft International Management and Leadership, 2022


After her bachelor's degree Caroline gained valuable experience in a start-up studio and supported fashion start-ups with design and creative content. She joined Liechtenstein Life, an insurance company with a focus on the InsurTech sector, as a designer and quickly rose to become Head of Marketing. She also completed a part-time Master's degree in International Management and Leadership at the FHV in 2022. She dedicated her master's thesis to a topic close to her heart: female entrepreneurship.


How do you define (professional) success?
For me, success is a conscious decision: showing 200 percent commitment to what you stand for and consistently pursuing your goals. True success does not lie in the result, but in staying true to your path and your passion. For me, success is enjoying what you do.

What skills did you acquire during your studies that are now particularly valuable in your job?
The most valuable things for me were the soft skills and the network. I also felt particularly well prepared in terms of leadership skills. This helped me to accept a management position that was offered to me. Through my master's thesis on the topic of "Female Entrepreneurship", I was also able to develop skills that benefit me in my job today.

Which skills do you think will become more important in the future?
In today's world, it is essential to acquire a broad range of knowledge, to think creatively and in a networked way and to be able to work strategically. As digitalization progresses and AI tools are developed to take over many tasks, these creative and strategic skills are becoming increasingly important. There will still always be a need for specialists, but even more important will be generalists who recognize the "bigger picture" and act accordingly.

How do you see the future of female entrepreneurship & leadership and what changes do you hope to see?
I see the future of female entrepreneurship and leadership as extremely promising and dynamic. I am convinced that we will see a significant increase of women in leadership positions and as founders, which will be supported by stronger networks, better support programs and an increasing societal focus on diversity and equality. In particular, I hope to see an increased presence of women in previously male-dominated industries and more female role models to inspire younger generations.

Above all, I hope to see a significant change in women's self-esteem and self-confidence. It is essential that women become aware of their own strengths and abilities and establish themselves confidently in leadership positions and as entrepreneurs. I hope that women will support and encourage each other more so that they can grow and develop together

Do you have a motto, if so, what is it?
"Be brave enough, to be bad at something new."