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#wasmachsch "Seizing opportunities, also internationally"

In this interview, Student Ambassador Valentina reveals why she decided to study for a Bachelor's degree in International Business Administration.

In her studies, Valentina Angeli from Montafon deals with complex economic cycles and learns in detail what makes companies tick. Projects, work placements, excursions and business games give her practical insights.  

Why did you decide to study International Business Administration?

I was looking for a practice-oriented course and wanted to learn what makes companies tick. My goal was to understand how business and management cycles work, including on an international level. I really appreciate the opportunity to work in small groups, as this creates an effective and personal learning environment.  

What role do projects and practical insights play in your day-to-day studies?

Excursions and projects with companies give us an insight into practice. Business games and practical applications allow us to test theoretical concepts in real-life situations. This gives us a holistic understanding of Business and Management. These practical experiences are just as important to me as the theoretical knowledge I acquire.  

How did you like your semester abroad in Finland?

I really enjoyed my time in Finland and was able to integrate quickly and very well into the Finnish culture. It was an exciting time and I developed personally. A semester abroad is a great opportunity and I would highly recommend anyone to take advantage of it.

P.S.: I didn't mind the cold at all.  

What personal skills do you think future students should have?

In my opinion, future students in the field of International Business Administration should have intercultural skills and an interest in Business and Management. Openness and curiosity towards new things are also desirable. In my degree course, it is important to enjoy communicating with other people and to be a team player.  



Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)
Full-time studies, 6 semesters Semester
abroad and/or professional practical training 
German, partly English

You can find more information here: https://www.fhv.at/studium/wirtschaft/internationale-betriebswirtschaft-vollzeit-ba