Like the rest of the world, CE is facing climate change related challenges, like changed precipitation patterns (floods, water scarcity..) heat waves (urban heat, food production) etc., recognized by the programme SO 2.2. The main challenge of MISSION CE CLIMATE is overcoming silo/sectoral response to climate change practiced today by communities of Central Europe, by introducing coordinated, cross-sectoral approach that puts local/regional authorities in center spot of management of climate resilience process.

The overall objective is to support the communities of CE to become climate resilient and enable them to react with coordinated response to processes caused by climate change. The project will build durable systems (Community Climate Missions) and capacities in communities (integrated strategy, local action plans, solutions), acting beyond sectoral approach by introducing cross sectoral governance with strong participation of citizens. The projects approach is innovative as it is implementing the concept designed by 2020 EC Mission: A Climate Resilient Europe in practice for the first time by introducing coordinated cross sectoral adaptation system.

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The main project results are:

  • climate resilience systems set-up in partner communities (Community Climate Missions), supported by joint climate resilience 2030 strategy (defining measures, business models, financing mechanisms) and locally adapted action plans (project portfolio approach)
  • increased capacities of communities to adapt to climate change by new knowledge and tools
  • activated citizens to contribute to climate resilience of communities with increased awareness and capacities (tools etc.)
  • solutions developed through pilots answering community adaptation challenges in coordinated, cross-sectoral approach using nature - based solutions and digital tools.

The project is being realised in close cooperation with the City Dornbirn.

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Funding program/client:in 

Interreg Central Europe

Project duration

01.04.2023 - 31.03.2026 (36 months) 

Total project budget 

Total budget 2.125.466,87  Euro

EFRE                425.093,38  Euro 

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234.800,00 Euro (ERDF: 187.840,00 EUR)