MINKT@FHV - MINKT as a Key Competence for Sustainability

MINKT aims to meet technical challenges with artistic creative and critical thinking, cooperation and effective communication combined with solid technical understanding. The MINKT@FHV project combines scientific expertise in Engineering and Technology at the FHV with school pedagogical experience at selected schools and industrial expertise in sustainability. MINKT is an acronym of the subjects Mathematics, Computer Science, Science, Arts and Technology and expands the common term STEM by integrating creativity. Creativity promotes innovation and differentiation. MINKT is a necessary key competency to achieve sustainability and climate neutrality. Integrating the visual arts into STEM education motivates children and youth (young talent) to become more involved in science-related activities. Within the framework of MINKT@FHV, workshops on the focus topics of Smart City (optical data transmission, geophysical design, Smart Home) are developed and implemented. Young talents in elementary, lower secondary and upper secondary schools experience different methods and techniques for creative thinking and acting, regardless of gender and educational background. They learn to develop or formulate ideas and how an idea can be turned into a realization. This is also intended to strengthen the interest of young talents in MINKT professions in order to make a cross-generational contribution to combating the climate crisis. Annual A21Digital Talent Days, which take place throughout Germany, also provide insights into other companies and enable students from different classes and schools to work on current sustainability issues. Individual talents from upper secondary schools are also given the opportunity to take on the role of mentor and thus strengthen their independence at a very early stage.

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project name MINKT@FHV - MINKT as a key competence for sustainability
Program FFG - Discover talents
Runtime 01.05.2023 - 30.04.2026

Company Partners

  • Hilti Thuringia
  • iDM Energiesysteme GmbH