Mobile sensors for medical technology


Lab-on-a-chip, developing mobile sensors through market-oriented competence building: The Research Centre Microtechnology and the Department of Engineering and Technology at the FHV combine their expertise in a forward-looking collaboration.

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The FHV has launched a new FFG COIN project calledDeep Edge Lab Framework (Deep11), which focuses on the development of mobile sensors in medical and environmental technologies. Although there are many examples of Lab-On-a-Chip (LOC) in microtechnology, few make it to market. The Deep11 project will build competencies in sample handling and autonomous data analysis (edge computing) to achieve a LOC framework. The integration of surface acoustic waves (SAW) and the use of high-sensitivity impedance measurement will result in miniaturized, novel systems that represent a milestone in mobile medical analytics and can also be used efficiently in environmental sensing applications. This project systematizes existing and new tools for future R&D collaborations.

Long-standing expertise

Project manager Fadi Dohnal, head of the microtechnology research centre, explains, "We are excited to implement this project. Through our years of expertise in the design and fabrication of finger-like microelectrodes, as well as future capability building, we will achieve a complete LOC framework. The technical intersection of collaborators from different disciplines combines know-how from the fields of sensors, actuators and dynamics with electrical engineering and edge computing. Together, we look forward to collaborating with corporate partners and developing technologies that will improve people's lives and facilitate sensory observation of the environment."

FHV CEO Stefan Fitz-Rankl explains, "We are very proud to launch the Deep11 project. We believe that the results of this project will greatly advance the regional Business and Management and pave the way for efficient applications."

Company supporters:

  • AUTFORCE Vision Systems
  • Identec Solutions
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Prospective Instruments
  • S.I.E - System Industrie Electronic
  • Sanlight Research
  • Smart Textiles Platform Austria
  • TESTTEC - Test Bench Technology and Component Testing Component Testing
  • VIVIT - Vorarlberg Institute for Vascular Investigation and Treatment
  • z-microsystems


About him:
Fadi Dohnal studied Mechanical Engineering and Physics at the Vienna University of Technology. He lived and worked abroad for ten years, including in Japan, England and Switzerland. The 44-year-old has worked in science, but also in industry. Currently, 14 Mitarbeiter:innen work in the research centre microtechnology on the focal points of microtechnical sensors and actuators, photonic applications and dynamics.


March 2023