a.o. Univ.-Prof. Dr. techn. Fadi DOHNAL

Head of the Research Centre Microtechnology

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What topics are you particularly interested in?

As part of the team at the research center, I am fascinated by the opportunities to combine different disciplines into a big picture in order to advance innovations in Engineering, Environment and Health. An important framework for this is strong skills and personalities in the team and the integration and promotion of young scientists at the university and also at primary and secondary schools (keyword MINKT). You always have to think in terms of alternatives, and cross-generational collaboration inspires me. All of this succeeds with passion. I have yet to experience the day when I reluctantly sit down at my desk.

What is the best thing about your job?

The freedom to choose and develop research topics that will advance our industrial and scientific partners and us as a research center in the long term. This requires a motivated and technically strong team, close contact with industry, a strong regional and international network and constant further development. In addition to creativity and specialist knowledge, you need a lot of stamina. Research goals are very clear, the path to them is difficult to plan, and you have to exploit opportunities and in some cases create them yourself.

When did your enthusiasm for research begin?

I already had a strong aptitude for logic and abstraction in mathematics and descriptive geometry at secondary school. Interestingly, however, I didn't realize I had this talent at first, as it wasn't reflected in my grades. It was only during the course of my technical studies in Mechanical Engineering and Physics that I realized what potential I had. It was an exciting journey to discover and develop my own potential. Today, I am grateful for the opportunity to live out my passion in scientific projects and thus contribute to the transfer of knowledge to industry and to young scientists at bachelor, master and doctoral level.    


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