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Bachelor of Science (BSc)

part-time extended , 8 semesters

professional practical training in each semester

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

No tuition fees



What is the difference between diploma education and bachelor's degree in?
See Difference from previous diploma education.

Is there a part-time studies planned?
Yes, starting in the fall of 2023, the degree programme is planned in a part-time time model. For more info, see here.

Are you planning to do a master's degree in?
Master's degree programmes in Health Care and Nursing are planned to be offered in the next few years. If you are interested, we will be happy to take your details and send you information as soon as we can provide more detailed information. Write to us at

Are there plans for postgraduate training for graduate nurses?
Currently, there is no mandate to plan and organize a postgraduation for graduate nurses. If you are interested, we will be happy to take your details and send you information as soon as we can provide more detailed information. Write us at

Is a lateral entry possible?
Whether a lateral entry is possible, will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, according to the legal requirements, related to the courses. We look forward to your contact, so that we can check a possible access individually.

Will courses from previously completed training be recognised? Courses can be recognised due to legal regulations in principle exclusively teaching-related and after application within 14 days after the start of the course. See Recognition of previous study achievements.

Will the hands-on training be held at the FHV in the future?
Currently, the practical training takes place at the nursing school Vorarlberg, with its locations in Feldkirch, Bregenz and Rankweil.

What can I imagine under nursing assessment?
For the first time in Austria, the advanced nursing assessment is integrated into a bachelor's degree programme at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. In the process, you will, among other things, physical parameters in patents and patients to collect to be able to assess the current health situation well and to communicate the collected values to the team. These include: Description of external appearance, current health problems, psychosocial aspects, family history, physical examination, etc.

Do internship sites need to be self-organized?
In principle, the work placements are organized by us. For the search and selection of the internship abroad, we count on your support.

Is there contact with the FHV during the work placement?
The entire team is available to you during the work placement. Internship coordinators and lecturers from the FHV visit students at the internship sites.

Is a pre-practicum mandatory?
A pre-practicum is not mandatory, but we strongly advise you to do it.

What is the admission procedure?
See Admission procedure.

When will I know the result of the admission procedure?
You will find out the result of the admission procedure in April or June, depending on the date you choose.

When is the start of studies?
Study start in Health Care and Nursing is mid-September.

When are the final examinations?
The final bachelor's examination takes place at the end of the 6th (full-time) or 8th semester (part-time extended), as required by law.

Is there tuition fees?
No, only the ÖH-Beitrag is to be paid.

Is there childcare at the FHV?
See childcare.

Does the FHV offer special education or specializations for nursing?
The special training courses or specializations in the field of nursing are conducted through the Science and Continuing Education Center Schloss Hofen in Lochau.