Study Trips


gain international experience in a short time!

Professional and/or family obligations make it impossible for you to spend longer periods abroad during your studies at FHV?

You still dream of gaining insight into other cultures and ways of working?

Then find out more about our study trips!

Studienreise Indien - Studierende vor Taj Mahal | © Philipp Pasolli

Study Trips for Bachelor Students


The two-week study trips for all students of the part-time bachelor's degree programmes enable you to deepen your intercultural and language skills.

Already during the intensive preparation period with students from our partner universities, you will gain insight into the culture and working methods of the respective host country. Together with selected students from partner universities, you will then have the great opportunity to work on the implementation of the planned activities on site during the study trip and to reflect on what you have experienced and learned after your return to FHV.

You can acquire the following competences by participating in study trips for Bachelor students:

  • Understand what skills are required to be internationally competent.
  • Understand why cultures are different and why it is not always easy to adapt culturally.
  • Have a deeper knowledge about at least one particular area of life (your study topic) in your target culture.
  • Have a higher level of English language competence through having been emerged into a culture where English is an official language.
  • Be able to look at your home culture critically.


Study Trips for Master Students


During your master studies you have the opportunity to participate in study trips as part of the Contextual Studies.

The study trips offer you the unique opportunity to deepen your professional, intercultural and linguistic skills.


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