Smart products and smart services, together with networking, form a central core topic of digitization. This project understands this to mean software applications that, using artificial intelligence methods, can either support humans in decision-making or even make decisions autonomously. In industry, systems for predictive maintenance, virtual sensors or digital twins for production monitoring are prominent examples of smart products. In most cases, data-based models are used as artificial decision-making systems. In this case, we also speak of data products or data services. The development and operation of such applications is a major challenge, especially for the classical machine and plant engineering industry. This project aims at the development of novel teaching methods and teaching materials in the area of the development of Data Products and Services in order to close the existing knowledge gaps in the industrial environment. The focus of the project is on the interface of Data Science, customer-centric and agile product development and industrial applications.

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project name DATA4Des - Teaching Data Product / Service Design
Program IBH Project
subject -
Project Index Number 510/20
Project Duration 01.05.2020 - 31.10.2021
Project Budget Total 25,000 EUR
Project Management ZHAW, Dr. Jürg Meierhofer


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Project Management:

ZHAW, Dr. Jürg Meierhofer