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Bachelor Environment and Engineering


Get ready to design a greener future and learn how to create sustainable tech, design recyclable products, and become an in-demand expert in the eco-friendly industry while specializing in one of the following fields:

  • environmental technology
  • environmental economics

Key data of the semester taught in English

English course offer in

semester 5
Mode of study


Term autumn/winter

September - December

Studierende an der FHV am unterhalten | © Patricia Keckeis

Prerequisites for incoming students


  • Basic knowledge of electrical engineering and electronics (direct and alternating current, electronic elements, analogue technology, digital and microprocessor engineering).
  • English at least Level B2.

Courses offered in English

Autumn (winter) semester 2024


Elective Courses

Students can choose one of the two electives.

German Language and Austrian Culture Courses

These courses are scheduled weekly and run over the full semester. It is only possible to select one German course. During autumn/winter semester 2024 the German courses are available for all exchange students.  



Carina DEGER, BA
Student Exchange Coordinator for the degree programmes in the fields of Engineering & Technology and Social Work & Health