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Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)

Part-time studies, 6 semesters

Mandatory international experience

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

Currently no tuition fees

Collaboration with KSW


Who is KSW?

The KSW, Kammer der Steuerberater und Wirtschaftsprüfer is the umbrella organization for tax advisors as well as auditors in Austria. Its members are specialists in tax consulting, auditing, accounting and balance sheets. The main tasks of the KSW include:

  • The holding of examinations to become a tax advisor or auditor
  • The granting of professional authorization
  • The public appointment of persons as chartered accountants
  • The recognition of companies as public accountants
  • Recording and recording of all data of members relevant to the profession
  • Various administrative procedures under professional law
  • The peer review of legislation
  • The promotion of continuing education
  • The professional information of the members, especially about tax law innovations
  • Member service


What is KSW's collaboration with the FHV?


The cooperation between KSW and FHV is based on the common goal of promoting good education and, subsequently, good, attractive jobs. The FHV offers students with the bachelor's degree programme in International Business Administration and master's degree programme in Business Administration - specialisation ACF a sound education as a solid basis for starting a career in the field of tax consultancy & auditing.


Work placements & jobs in tax consulting & auditing


Tax consultant & auditor - Important professions for the future.

Job prospects are varied, from working in Austrian and international law firms to self-employment and management positions in companies.

Are you aiming for a career in tax consulting or auditing? Ober are you looking for an internship or a job?

The KSW will gladly support you and forward your documents to the law firms. If you are interested or have any questions, please feel free to contact Dr. Jürgen Reiner, Regional President of KSW and the KSW team in Vorarlberg (

Junior Accounting Award 2022

The KSW, together with the Academy of Tax Consultants and Certified Public Accountants, launched the Junior Accounting Award to mark the 70th anniversary of the Chamber and the 25th anniversary of the Academy, and this is the fourth time the award has been presented in 2022.

On November 11, 2022, graduates of the FHV were honored at Russmedia in Schwarzach for their excellent bachelor's or master's thesis in the field of accounting. The first three places went to Pia Schmid, Sarah Wolf and Silvana Kegele.

Larissa Heim - graduate of the FHV


"You work as a tax consultant trainee? That's totally dry and boring."

That's exactly what I keep getting to hear. But that's not the job at all, quite the opposite, it means a lot of variety.

When I was a child, I wouldn't have thought that one day I would be allowed to call myself a tax consultant, but thanks to the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences, I came across this profession.

There I studied International Business Administration. I knew from the beginning that I wanted to go into finance, however, I was still unsure about the exact profession.

When we had the course "Tax Strategies" (international tax law) in the 5th semester, it was clear to me that I wanted to have more to do with tax law. And the best opportunity to get a taste of tax consulting was the work placement provided by the FH Vorarlberg in the 6th semester.

Once I started the work placement, it wasn't long before I was allowed to do my own bookkeeping and accounting.

I like the work so much that I am still employed at the same firm today as a tax consultant trainee. Because we have many different clients, the daily routine is never the same and you are always challenged anew.

In addition to preparing tax returns, bookkeeping, payroll accounting and balance sheets for a wide variety of trades, my responsibilities also include advising on a wide variety of Business Administration issues.

Therefore, I can only warmly recommend this profession to anyone who works precisely and gladly with numbers, as well as appreciates variety.

-Larissa Heim


Bachelor of Arts in Business (BA)

Part-time studies, 6 semesters

Mandatory international experience

Languages of instruction: German, partly English

Currently no tuition fees