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From the coffee capsule dispenser to the Sumo robot

Students studying for a Bachelor's degree in Mechatronics demonstrated their technical skills as well as their creativity and team spirit at the project marketplace.

Once a semester, Mechatronics students present the projects they have completed during their studies at a project marketplace at the FHV. The focus was not only on technical skills, but also on cross-semester teamwork. Numerous creative ideas were developed, which, when put into practice, provide added value in everyday life. "It is always impressive to see how diverse our students' projects are. The exchange between students from different semesters working together is also an asset," summed up Reinhard Schneider, programme director of the Mechatronics bachelor's degree. 

Coffee capsule dispenser to sumo robot

The projects included, for example, a Mechatronics coffee capsule dispenser that offers flexible and convenient access to the capsules at the touch of a button and connected to a credit system. Another team created a sumo robot - a lighting system that is used in event technology and emits light in different colors. The housing parts were manufactured using 3D printing. This technology was used in other projects, for example to create three different robots that mastered different challenges. In this inter-semester project, not only the mechanical aspect played a role, but also the programming of the software. The students benefit from the 24/7 accessibility of the FHV's laboratories when implementing their ideas. "The resources made available enabled us to develop and produce smoothly," the students emphasized in unison.  

Competition winner RoboRampage

Engineering and Technology and sport were combined in another project. A robot designed by the students completed a sumo competition and even secured victory in the federal capital of Vienna. Starting with the design, through to the organization and tasks in the areas of electronics, soldering and programming, various problems had to be solved. Team spirit was required here. A multiflexible heavy-duty drone platform, which integrates a mechanical and sensory interface for freight, also caused a stir. The six-engine drive system enables autonomous flight. The materials testing project clarified the research question of which filament is best suited to the production of prototypes. "Thanks go on the one hand to the students for their dedicated work, and on the other hand to our lecturers who supported us with their expertise during implementation," concluded Reinhard Schneider.