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Project competition "Water, Power and Energy" with illwerke vkw

As part of an annual project, school pupils in Vorarlberg have been working on the topics of ‘energy and sustainability’.

The annual project of the Regional Network Natural Sciences Vorarlberg (RNV) in cooperation with the FHV and the illwerke vkw School Energy Working Group (ASE) entitled "Water, Power and Energy" was once again designed as a project competition. The ASE and RNV support teachers in many areas of science instruction. The offer ranges from elementary school to upper secondary school for all school types. The aim of this year's project was to sensitize students to the topics of "Energy" and "Sustainability". "As ASE has been dedicated to the topics of hydropower and Energy for years as part of further education and training for pupils and teachers, and this year marks the 100th anniversary of illwerke vkw, it was a natural choice to choose this project title and develop a competition from it," explains Michael Vögel from ASE.  


Prizes for all All

Vorarlberg pupils from various school levels aged between eight and 14 took part. "Since November 2023, they have been working on a topic that is related to the project title in a narrower or broader sense. Various approaches in the form of surveys, films or models were possible. All pupils were awarded the same prize. Each group or class therefore received vouchers for a visit to the Alpinecoaster and a ride on the Golm," explains Michael Vögel.

The groups and classes prepared a three-page project report, which they presented at a final event. A total of around 200 pupils and teachers took part in the project. The pupils were from VS Oberau 3c, Herrenried 4b, Sacre Coeur - Riedenburg 1 HLH, BG Dornbirn 3e, Gymnasium Schillerstraße - 2b, 3d and 4c. The age range was therefore mixed from 8-14 years. "Our summary is very positive, as the pupils dealt with the topics in different ways and all performed very well," summarized Markus Nussbaumer from RNV. A follow-up project is planned for 2025, with the invitation to tender going out to all Vorarlberg schools by the end of June 2024.