FOCUS: The future of professions in social and health care 


The curriculum and content of the trainings conducted in the four participating countries - with concluding comments. 

The FOCUS project funded by Erasmus+ has come to a successful end. The aim of the project is to equip professionals in the social sector with the necessary skills and competences to face the current and future challenges of this very important sector within the EU, in view of the year 2030. This is significant because the social sector is one of the most important sectors at the European level, but it is strongly affected by changes such as demographic trends, the economic crisis, population and labor migration. 

The project success was based on the networking expertise and diversity of the project partners - social services and training providers (Organizatia Umanitara Concordia - Ro and I.F.O.A. (IT), academic institutions (FHV - AT and SOSU Oestjylland -DK), but also professional associations (National College of Social Workers (RO). The overall aim of the FOCUS project is to increase the number of social sector organizations developing workplace learning pathways for the social sector workforce in order to continuously develop the required skills at EU level (Horizon 2030)

The result, which is now available, is an innovative training curriculum for management, HR and staff in the social sector. The material is intended as a source of inspiration that potential future course providers are free to use, both in terms of specific content and duration. 

The curriculum contains two main sections: 

  • Description of the process that led to the curriculum - brief overview of the activities that were carried out prior to the curriculum and that contributed to its content. 

  • The curriculum and the content of the trainings conducted in the four participating countries - with concluding comments. 

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project name

Forward LOoking SoCial EUrope Skills - FOCUS

Project Management

Mag. Bernhard Gut, DSA (Castle Hofen) and Prof. (FH) Dr. Erika Geser-Engleitner (FHV) 

Project Team Ghassan Shleweet BA, MA and Mag. Robert Maria Mossbrugger MAc 
Project duration

01.01.2020 to 30.06.2022 

Funding agency Erasmus+ Program European Forward-Looking Cooperation Projects in the fields of Education and Training


Humanitarian Organization CONCORDIA 

Budget 86,911 ?