Prevention through a digitalization roadmap

A digitalization project with Omega electronic GmbH from Münster

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Omega electronic GmbH is a specialist electronics store based in Münster. For more than 40 years, Omega has specialized in the sale of electronic goods and focuses on individual customer advice. The store in Münster is visited by 500-1000 customers every day. Direct store sales and customer advice from the local team are at the forefront of the company's activities. In addition, Omega offers its customers various services such as a rental or repair service. The retail store is complemented by an online presence.



The initial situation

Omega electronic GmbH is currently supplementing its branch business with an informative website. The website includes information on the product range, offers and news from the industry and about the company. For self-promotion, omega places print advertisements and uses radio spots or posters. Services, such as the rental service for electrical items, are located directly in the store. Advice is also available by telephone.

Omega serves a very specific product range for which the employees are well trained. Although Omega is not ruling out a shift to online mail order in the long term, it wants to retain its core value proposition of product, expertise, advice and local solutions.


The project

Omega electronic wanted to further expand and intensify its customer service. This was to be supplemented by a digital perspective. Digital customer advice was the specific request. The demand for such a service had already increased before corona. Such a change does not affect the core business, but increases the possibilities on the customer side. The project envisaged the creation of a "roadmap" that could be used to evaluate, prioritize and schedule certain milestones and results. At the same time, the aim was to create a process summary and company overview.


Further details

Support program:

This project was carried out by the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Center Lingen as part of the Mittelstand4.0 initiative of the BMWK Ministry (Germany)

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