Process optimization as the cornerstone for integrating new technologies

A practical project with Heinz Vorwerk GmbH from Warendorf

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The company Heinz Vorwerk GmbH (Vorwerk for short) is a medium-sized craft business that has specialized in the core area of interior and exterior plastering as well as the specialist areas of stucco and monument conservation since it was founded in 1977.

Heinz Vorwerk, Managing Director of the family business Heinz Vorwerk GmbH, contacted the Mittelstand 4.0 Competence Center in order to develop a concept for the introduction of a new system with the help of the Competence Center. This is to be a holistic mobile material accounting and time recording application. This solution should ultimately fully reflect the company's actual performance towards employees and customers and thus create greater transparency and satisfaction.
To this end, there were various rounds of discussions in which the employees of Heinz Vorwerk GmbH were asked about their work processes. Interfaces for the possible transmission of material and order data were discovered.



Detailed order communication as a challenge

Since order planning and execution in the plastering and stucco trade often leads to media disruptions in work processes, employee discussions were held to analyse in detail what options there are for optimizing work processes and how new technology can be introduced step by step. Interested parties can find out what solutions were found and how all employees were involved in the process in the practical report from Heinz Vorwerk GmbH.




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This project was carried out by the Mittelstand4.0 Competence Center Lingen as part of the Mittelstand4.0 initiative of the BMWK Ministry (Germany)

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