Vision of SET


In 3 country corner DACH the Smart Engineering Labs of the FHV are the point of contact for industry-related and application-oriented research and development from the fields of Electrical Engineering, Mechatronics, Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Software Engineering.


Our objective

  • Research unit for the competence area Smart Engineering is established
  • University lecturers have regular opportunities to stay up-to-date by participating in industry-related research.
  • Master and bachelor students can qualify through employment and theses in industry-related research.


Our implementation

  • Application-oriented R&D unit for the competence area Smart Engineering
  • Industry-oriented projects from and for industry, tailored to current questions from the technologically driven industry in the Rhine Valley or in the DACH country triangle
  • Start with main topics based on existing know-how
  • Submission of first research proposals from 2.H 2022
  • Cooperations with (local) industry and e.g. the RUN-EU network


Our principles

  • Agile - The way we assemble our research teams within the research group allows us to respond quickly to emerging issues.
  • Interdisciplinary - We collaborate with all research labs within the FHV and within our alliance within RUN-EU.
  • Disruptive - Sometimes simply giving more space to the unusual leads to entirely new solutions.
  • Open - We are open to new developments in Engineering and Technology, especially in the environment of Internet of Things, Cobotics, Industry 4.0, Cyber Security and Data Science & AI.
  • Just in Time - In order to keep Europe competitive as a research location, we must also become faster in research, to incorporate new topics into our research portfolio earlier.
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