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New information and communication technologies (ICT) not only support established business processes, but are increasingly triggering disruptive innovations in business processes and products. In a globally distributed economy, the speed and agility with which companies can adapt to new technologies and organizational changes determine their long-term success. The Business Informatics research centre investigates new information and communication technologies and analyses their business potential in cooperation with regional, national and international industry and research partners. The re-organisation of business processes and products is the focus of the technology-driven, applied research in the research centre. The Business Informatics research centre is particularly interested in the impact of new "enabling technologies" (e.g. IoT, Blockchain, etc.) in the areas of Extended Product and Extended Enterprise.

The main research areas of the Business Informatics Research Center can be subdivided into the areas of technologies, methods, organization and concepts. In these areas, the following aspects are currently investigated:

Contact persons Research Centre Business Informatics

Prof. (FH) Dr.-Ing. Jens Schumacher
Head of Research Center Business Informatics, Lecturer

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Natascha Senoner

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