Robotics Day Vorarlberg - Lunch 2 Grow & Press Conference

Wednesday, June 19, 2024
12:00 PM - 12:45 PM

What can you expect?

Supporting female entrepreneurs in times of digital transformation: This edition of Lunch 2 Grow is dedicated to the finalisation of the EcoAction project. The vision of the EcoAction project is to strengthen the entrepreneurial role of universities, transfer knowledge and technologies to founders, business, industry, politics and society, and utilise the potential for innovation in order to contribute directly to economic development.

Type of event: the presentation will take place digitally. The link to the event will be shared once you have registered. 

Speaker: Dipl. Des. Diana EGLSEDER, BA 

Event language: English

Participation: The event is for free. Please sign up for the event via email at Helena Hosp.


Event details:

As part of the EcoAction project, we actively supported the Fempower Community and helped shape it into a key player in the start-up landscape. The Fempower Community aims to support women in particular with the challenges of founding a company and business modelling. Various skills in the area of self-efficacy are taught through training, workshops and a 9-month mentoring programme.

The initiative helps to break down barriers that stand in the way of women's professional careers. By providing targeted support and building networks, the community helps to bring women into leadership positions and strengthen their self-efficacy. This is not only beneficial for personal development, but also for the successful implementation of digital transformation in companies.

The community is aimed at women at different stages of their lives and careers in order to promote broad diversity and cross-generational connections. The Fempower Community shows how targeted measures to support and promote women can make a significant contribution to economic and social development.