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Elias Eder successfully completes his doctorate in engineering - congratulations! 

Elias Eder, employee of the Research Center Energy, successfully defended his doctoral thesis at the Chair of Technical Thermodynamics and Transport Processes at the University of Bayreuth last week. We congratulate the newly minted doctor! 

Since 2018 Elias Eder has been intensively researching and experimenting with the humidification of air in a bubble column for use in thermal water treatment systems as part of his dissertation. These innovative systems possible on the one hand to desalinate seawater and on the other hand, to purify contaminated industrial wastewater. Through experimental measurements and analytical modeling of the bubble column humidifier, he was able to contribute to a better understanding of humidification and identify new opportunities and perspectives in water treatment. Thus, such systems can be designed and operated in a more energy-efficient and cost-effective way in the future. The findings from his work can also be read in his latest publication. Link: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.applthermaleng.2022.118240  

How did Elias manage to do such successful research at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences and, what's more, seize his opportunity to complete his doctorate? It all started with the Matura at the Bundesgymnasium Feldkirch and his subsequent bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at the TU Vienna. But that was not all: in search of a stronger practical orientation in his education, he discovered the part-time master's program in energy technology and energy economics at the Vorarlberg University of Applied Sciences. Even before completing the master's program, Elias took his chance in 2018 and set the course for his successful doctoral studies via employment as a research assistant at the Energy Research Center, which he has now very successfully completed with "Magda cum laude". 

For Markus Preißinger, Head of the Energy Research Center and UAS Research Director, this is not surprising: "Elias already stood out for his outstanding achievements during his time as a student at the UAS. During his time as a research assistant, he has repeatedly set impulses in his field of research and discussed his results with the scientific community at renowned international conferences. I am very pleased that Elias has decided to continue his research with us and also to pass on his knowledge to the students of our technical degree programs." 

Background: FH Vorarlberg currently employs about 80 researchers in 4 research centers, a research group and 2 subsidiaries. Due to strong national and international networking with partner universities, it is also possible for researchers to work at FH Vorarlberg and do their doctorate at the same time. Elias Eder is just one example of such a successful PhD at FH Vorarlberg.